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Attract better customers to your website.

Any website can be improved to attract better sales or leads.
Exactly how much better depends on knowing exactly who you are.
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Is your business an assortment of interesting items at good prices? Or do you specialize in a single product or service and do it very well? To find your own profitable niche, make your website say what your best customers say.

Offer a unique specialty.

A specialist's website attracts visitors who are ready to do business. Overall traffic is less, but these visitors discover exactly what they want. The vast number of monthly searches can make this a profitable move. Suppose you capture 2% of 1,800 people searching for your specialty at Google? That's 36 (very) interested customers clicking your link every month!

Be a specialist even if you aren't.

I'm serious. If you can't afford extensive pay-per-click advertising, mention only that which sets you apart from your competitors. Let the other traffic go. Your specialty is the thing you enjoy doing most. You receive praise for it, and it probably feels like easy money. The secret to online success and life happiness is do more of what you love.   Visit a bonafide specialist »

Need proof?

The above link is a client's website. Previously listed under the broad term "home renovation," they received very few visitors. I encouraged them to feature their specialty – EIFS wall repair – and paying customers poured in. "EIFS wall repair" is a less popular search term, but those who arrive want exactly what this business does best. Renovation services are cross sold at the site, bringing more work and referrals from customers who trust them.

It's easy to be a specialist.

Even the largest firms specialize. Coca-Cola Company makes Sprite, but you won't see many ads for it. Coke is their biggest earner. Each dollar of Coke advertising draws more customers to their aisle than any other product they offer. Sprite sells simply because it's located right next to Coke. Your website should likewise make it convenient for customers to purchase or inquire on non-specialty items.   See how Coca-Cola specializes »

Return customers are better customers.

Your specialty naturally attracts visitors who are more likely to become return customers. Communicate with them whenever possible to find out what they like most about you. Use their words in your website phrases and taglines. Chances are good that many more are looking for the same thing.

– Andrew Furgal, owner and creative director